XWLJDBB Children's Toy Mud Plasticine Handmade Mud Children's Suit Handmade DIY Crafts 12 Color Children's MODELING Toy Mud Gifts for Children - B07XJN8Y88



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  • Features: Magic Lightweight Clay has super stretchability, super softness, non-fragile, non-toxic, easy to form, and maintains flexibility when dry. Dry for about 24 hours (depending on size) and paint. Color: 12 colors, note: clay needs to be air dried and cannot be baked.

  • The material of this product: made of edible glycerin and natural pigment, water, paste, expanded starch, is a unique formula for children, ensuring quality and safety, safe for children, high quality clay, no collapse, no cracking, easy to shape image joy The physical evenly stirred soft and sticky hands, natural pigments, repeated kneading does not fade.

  • Portable storage box: Children can carry it with them, PP5 environmental protection sealing cup is used up and put back to not afraid to dry, not enamel, 23 grams per cup full 23 grams, weight enough, we are playing with light mud, various games. There is also a science teaching content that allows children to learn while playing.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY material: non-toxic, in line with ROHS / SGS standards, harmless to the human body and the environment, very durable. Extremely soft, elastic and non-sticky. Don't stick to your hand. Super elastic when dry and hardened;

  • If you are looking for a kit for children or adults, it is perfect for both the whole family and adults, perfect for mothers and kids to enjoy fun game time and as a gift for all occasions. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to write to us, we will give you a satisfactory answer in the fastest time! We will provide you with the best service based on the principle of customer as God. happy shopping!

  • Safe and non-toxic - this slim product does not use borax
    The strange mucus feels weird and you will want to pour it in. It is constantly changing. It seems to really cause a big problem but it won't stick to any or cause trouble.
    Stunning fluffy slim and fun game!
    Adults and children face tremendous pressure
    3C configuration category: children's clay toys / children over 4 years old
    Ability training: manual brain, grasping, vision, interest training, intellectual development, emotion, other ability training, hand-eye coordination, parent-child communication, interactive toy parent-child communication, interactive toys
    Ideal for art, crafts and school projects
    [Color]: 12 colors storage boxed color mud
    [Material]: edible glycerin, natural pigment, water, paste, expanded starch

    Note: Please do not eat. Don't put your mouth. Not suitable for children under 6 years old. When you look at it, this sock is cute, you feel better, and even your bad mood will disappear. You can reduce stress. Ultra-thin toys, soft and delicate fragrance sludge toys, daily Christmas tree DIY clay toys flash buoyancy embossed toys fragrant cement clay toys, suitable for children and adults.

    XWLJDBB Children's Toy Mud Plasticine Handmade Mud Children's Suit Handmade DIY Crafts 12 Color Children's MODELING Toy Mud Gifts for Children - B07XJN8Y88

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